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The Partnership Model

Merchant banking is a partnership business. We are operators and team builders. We help companies reach their potential by taking an operating interest, elevating business acumen and connecting businesses with the appropriate sources of capital. Merchant banking also ensures that enterpeneurs keep their precious cash resources deployed where it should be - in their operations. 

Business Office
Finding the Right Fit



Merchant banking is not the right fit for all companies. We make natural partners for companies that have a strong technical or research team, but need business and savvy capital market partners to scale the enterprise. We partner with early stage companies with great management  teams that have the potential to become industry leaders. 

Elevating the Company



When we roll up our sleeves, we bring the muscle needed  - from finding the right executive team, to building the operating and financial model to creating the strategy that positions the company most attractively to investors and for maximum growth. We have long standing relationships that can drive results rapidly. 

Aligned Incentives Drive Best Outcomes


Company founders often face enormous decisions that they don't have the experience or resources to make. Having partners that have decades of experience whose interests are firmly aligned with the company's makes all the difference. 

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