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New Company Incubation

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Identifying the Opportunity​​

BridgeWorks pursues opportunities from national labs and a deep network in renewables, health and tech including OHSU, GE, etc. Although we are industry-agnostic, we pursue companies based on size of opportunity, investment needed,  existing and potential IP portfolio and time to commercialization.  

Building the team


BridgeWorks has helped build many successful teams. Our network includes CEOs, CFOs, technical advisors and investors who partner together to create industry-leading companies. We take a hands-on approach to managing companies and believe speed and decisiveness are key.​​

Exit Strategies


At BridgeWorks, our focus is building world class companies that create accretive returns for our investors. We have deep connections and expertise in the financial markets to help companies reach their potential by being standalone, partnership, sale to strategic buyers or listing the company on public markets. We tailor the exit strategy to the opportunity and the investors. 

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